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Full-Time Faculty Members
Name, Degree Granting Institution (Year) Major
Ahn, ByeongSeok, Ph.D. KAIST (1998) Decision Theory
Ahn, Dae-Yong, Ph.D. U. of Texas, Austin Marketing
Cha, Hoon S., Ph.D. U. of Arizona (2007) Management Information System
Cha, Oona, Ph.D. U. of Michigan (2006) Social Psychology
Cheon, Youngsoon S., Ph.D. U. of Georgia (1994) Financial Accounting
Choe, Kukhyun, Ph.D. George Washington U. (1999) Financial Accounting / Auditing
Choi, Changbum, Ph.D. U. of Western Ontario (2001) International Business
Choi, In Hyok, Ph.D. Columbia U. (1991) Marketing
Choi, Seok Beom, Ph.D. Chung-Ang U. (1995) International Trade Practice
Chun, Byungjune, Ph.D. U. of Oregon (1998) Organizational Behavior
Chung, Hwan, Ph.D. Syracuse U. Marketing
Han, Seunghee, Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University (2009) Behavioral Decision Research
Hong, Cheolkyu, Ph.D. London School of Economics (1988) Managerial Accounting
Hong, Ilyoo, Ph.D. U. of Arizona (1989) Management Information Systems
Hur, Seok Kyun, Ph.D. University of Chicago Financial economics, money and banking
Hwang, In Tae, Ph.D. SUNY-Buffalo (1993) Financial Accounting
Jang, Jee In, Ph.D. SUNY-Buffalo (1988) Financial Accounting
Jung, Do-jin, Ph.D. U. of Kentucky (2004) Financial Accounting
Jeong, Yeon Ang, Ph.D. U. of Iowa (1990) Human Resource Management
/ Industrial Relations
Kang, Sungmin, Ph.D. U. of Texas at Austin (2001) Management Information Systems
Kang, Sun Min, Ph.D. Chung-Ang U. (2006) Financial Accounting
Kim, Dong-Soon, Ph.D. U. of Michigan (1992) International Finance
Kim, Hyosun, Ph.D. M.I.T. (2001) Organizational Behavior and Theory
Kim, Jin Baek, Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley(2004) Management Science
Kim, Taeha, Ph.D. U. of Arizona(2002) Management Information Systems
Kwak, Dong Sung, Ph.D. Chung-Ang U. (1981) Marketing Management
Lee, Jieun, Ph.D. Purdue U. (2000) Consumer Behavior, Retailing, Marketing Research
Lee, Jinyong, Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley (1989) Consumer Behavior, Behavioral Decision Theory
Lee, Kaun Y., Ph.D SUNY-Buffalo (2008) Finance
Lee, Nam S., DPhil U. of Oxford (2006) Strategy and International Business
Lee, Yong Keun, Ph.D. Chung-Ang U. (1990) International Commerce
Lim, Byung Ha, Ph.D. U. of Iowa (1997) Management Information Systems
Limb, Seong Joon, Ph.D. U. of Texas at Austin (1994) Strategic Management
Nam, In Woo, Ph.D. U. of Iowa (2004) Marketing
Oh, Gyutaeg, Ph.D. Yale U. (1991) Financial Economics and Investments
Park, Chanhi, DBA Harvard U. (2000) Business Policy
Park, Chang Gyun, Ph.D Cornell U. (2001) Financial Economics, Econometrics
Park, Haechurl, Ph.D. Yale U. (1991) Management Science/Operations Management
Park, Yun Woo, Ph.D. Queen's U. (1998) Finance
Park, Woo-Yong
(Jin-Kyu), Ph.D.
U. of Michigan Technology Management/Strategic Management
Seo, Yong Won, Ph.D. Seoul National U. (2001) Management Science/Operation Management
Shin, Inseok, Ph.D. Stanford U. (1997) Finance
Song, Sooyoung, Ph.D. Indiana U. (2000) Corporate Finance and Contract Theory
Suh, Hyunsuk, Ph.D. U. of Wisconsin (2000) Sociotechnical Systems and e-Marketing
Yeo, Eunjung, Ph.D. U. of Michigan (2006) Corporate Finance
Yoo, Shiyong, Ph.D. Cornell U. (2004) Applied Economics / Finance
Lee, Mira, Ph.D. U. of Minnesota (2004) Mass Communication
Koh, Sung Sam,Ph.D. Inha University(2000) Accounting
Kim, Jung Shik,Ph.D. Chung-Ang University(2009) Management
Yoon, Bong Han,Ph.D. University of South Carolina(1981) Management
Lee, Yang Hyun,Ph.D. Chung-Ang University(1985) Management
Park, Chang Hun,Ph.D. Purdue University(1993) Accounting
The faculty members have earned their doctorates at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. They are experienced in effective teaching and quality research, and have achieved excellence in their related fields. Our academic excellence can be attributed to the dedication of our faculty in teaching and research. And, we are continuing to attract highly qualified candidates for our faculty group by offering an outstanding compensation scheme and work environment.

Adjunct Faculty Members
Name Affiliation Area
Cho, Sung Wook Samil PWC Financial Accounting(2)
Kim, Kwang Soo The Korean Commercial Arbitration Board International Business Claims
Ku, Jong Kweon Peoplequest Human Resource Management
Lee, Chul Jae Nexia Samduk Individual Taxation
Park, Kyung Sung I-Sens Inc. Principles of Management
Yang, Chun Seung Korea Sustainability Investing Forum Social Responsibility
and Business Ethics
Yoo, Jae Kyu Baker Tilly Sungto Intermediate Accounting